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Your business is growing and your basic e-commerce setup is no longer meeting your needs because the typical setup is too basic, limits the way you sell and customising a new site takes a long time.

And we've created a solution to solve that.

After working with and understanding the online demands of over 100 business owners while building the e-commerce and marketplace platform, PartyDiva.Co, we've created a ready-made solution that not only suit your needs, but easily deployed.

Start selling within a month after all of the setup and population is completed. Furthermore, scale up to a marketplace without having to create a new site from the ground up.

Want to adopt our solution? Speak to us today!



Save time with our solution and start selling or onboarding vendors within a month.

Enjoy advanced features that typical basic setups do not have.

Be in full control of running your business online. Avoid being subjected to limitations.

Upgrade and scale your website without having to start from scratch again.

Customised features to suit your needs without plugins.

Grow your sales through affiliate marketing feature and sales channel while maintaining only one website.

With You Every Step Of The Way

Population Assistance

We provide population assistance during setup


Contact our support team via WhatsApp/ Telegram whenever you need help!


Hire our team to help you with any additional customised requirements


A) Storefront

Mobile Responsive

Customers can browse and buy from your online store using any mobile phone or tablet

Brand and Customise your store front

Customised your content accordingly. While we are working to provide more templates, use our current fixed templates and grids.Have a particular look in mind? Fret now our team can assist you to customise

Work with our team

Work with our team whenever you need to customise your a feature or function you require for your online store

B) Shopping Cart

Booking System

- Add your order dates to your google calendar
- Block out availability dates for specific or selected products
- Schedule block out dates for product listing
- Set time range for product availability

Chat and Quote

A messaging service streamlines all customer enquiries, allowing you to give an immediate quote. Customers can subsequently add your quote to cart and complete the transaction efficiently.

Abandon checkout recovery

Recover lost sales by sending prospective consumers an email with a link to their abandoned shopping carts, encouraging them to finish their purchase. You can even add a discount or promo to entice them

Apply Flexible shipping rates to your product

Set your preferred shipping rate only once, be it free delivery with a minimum or maximum cart spend or a variable shipping rate. With our one-time shipping rate templates, enable flexible shipping preference for your products. You can even apply overrides shipping rates for products that do not fit the default rates

Accept Credit Card payment

You can accept Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal as soon as your shop is up and running. Low credit rates with no hidden costs

Free SSL Certificate

A free 256-bit SSL certificate is included in our store. The same level of protection employed by banks is projected on all sites, content, credit card, and transaction information.

One time setup of taxes

Setup your one time default taxes

C) Store Management

Customer Profile

Understand your customers and their shopping habits. Find their contact info and view their order history at a glance

Customer Accounts

Enable customer account creation at checkout to encourage repeat purchases. Alternatively, you could allow customers to check out as a guest as well.

Customer Groups

Customers can be categorized and exported based on their geography, purchasing history, and more.

Deposits and Refunds

Allow customers to place refundable or non-refundable deposits. Refund some or all of an order based on the payment method used at check out, Inventory will be updated automatically.

Email Notification Templates

Customise your automated store emails messages

Capture payments & Fulfill orders right from your phone

Send Shipping notifications on the go

D) Marketing & SEO

Prime Positioning Placement

Place your products according to how you want them to appear on home page and landing pages.


Use search engines to help potential customers locate your store. We support SEO best practices such as meta title, text, and description.

Affiliate marketing

Grow your business with affiliate marketing. Easy account setup and management of affiliates on the platform that allow you to customise commissions. Setup automatic payouts once a transaction is complete.

Product Review

Engage your customers and encourage sales with the option to leave SOE-friendly product reviews your website.

Upsell with your blog

Add product listings to your blog, allowing your customers to add to cart instantly

Discounts and Coupons

Create discounts and coupons for all/ selected products or specific placement

E) Products

Inventory management

Manage your entire inventory for your listings. Track stock counts and automatically stop selling products until your stock has been replenished

Digital Products

Let customers order and download digital products from your online store

Create multiple dropdown menu for product listings

Create features and options for your product listings. Enable different variations such as multiple sizes, colour, materials, price, sku, weight and customised text boxes for your options.

Create multiple placement types for your products

Organize your products into categories and subcategories with ease, making it easier for your consumers to find what they're looking for as they scroll through your online store.

Unlimited Listings

There is not limit to the number of product listings you can sell in your online store.

Images and Videos

Add multiple images or video of your products to showcase the different angles of your product


Optimise you product pages for search engines with product specific meta tags, titles and URL handles

F) Web Hosting

VPN - unlimited bandwidth

Every online store you set up comes with a vpn server

SSL Certificare

You online store includes a 256-bit SSL certificate to keep your customers information and business data secure

Instant upgrades

All our updates are automatic, so you will receive the latest features immediately, without any hassle

G) Analytics


Have a birds eye view of your sales, order and traffic that helps you make the right choices for your business

Google Analytics

Google Analytcs works with your online store, so you can track sales, visits and referrals


Get insights to your stores growth, see which products, customers, vendors and affiliates are helping you grow you business. Export your reports to spreadsheets for further analysis.


See where your visitors come from and how they found your online store.

H) Support

Dedicated support team

We have a dedicated team available 10am-6pm, Monday to Friday accessible by email and whatsapp.



[E-Commerce + Booking Solution]

Unlimited Product Listings
Upsell with your blog
Multiple shipping rate types
Booking System with various block off options
Coupon and Discount Creations
Deposits & Refunds
Manage Bookings & Orders
Chat and Checkout Customise Quotes
Prime Positioning of Products


Base Price

• Deployment Fee (1-time setup fee)
• Population Assistance (1-time)



Maintenance Fee
Update bugs / tech glitches
$250/mth | $3,000/year


Server (VPN) (Per Year)

Includes 100GB Hosting Space,
4 VCPU, 4GB Ram, 99.9A% Uptime SLA Connectivity





Total: SGD $10,600

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[E-Commerce + Booking & Marketplace Solution]

Unlimited Product Listings
Upsell with your blog
Multiple shipping rate types
Booking System with various block off options
Coupon and Discount Creations
Deposits & Refunds
Manage Bookings & Orders
Chat and Checkout Customise Quotes
Prime Positioning of Products
Collaborate & Scale to a marketplace
Unlimited Vendors Accounts
Manage and Control Vendor Onboarding
Set Multiple Commissions


Base Price

• Deployment Fee (1-time setup fee)
• Population Assistance (1-time)



Maintenance Fee
Update bugs / tech glitches
$600/mth | $7,200/year


Server (VPN) (Per Year)

Includes 100GB Hosting Space,
4 VCPU, 4GB Ram, 99.9A% Uptime SLA Connectivity





Total: SGD $16,800

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Quick Design Solution

How does out Quick Design Solution work?

Select a project type, set the timeline and provide a clear brief, references and images which are to be used. Proceed to checkout and we will revert as soon as we can or within the next working day.

How many drafts will I receive?

We will send you a total of 2-3 drafts for your selection. Pick 1 version and make your necessary changes.

How many changes can I make?

We provide up to 3 rounds of changes, which you will be notified by email and/or whatsapp.

How will I receive the completed artwork?

Upon completion, the artwork will be made available in jpg, png or pdf via a link for download under “Manage bookings and orders” which can be found in your customer account dashboard.

How can I purchase the working file of the project?

Should you want to purchase the working file, kindly ensure you select that option before you checkout.

Upon completion, your files will be made available via a link for download under “Manage bookings and orders” which can be found in your customer account dashboard.

About e-commerce and marketplace solution

How does your e-commerce and marketplace solution differ from Shopify, Wix or Woocommerce?

While creating our initial e-commerce and marketplace solution for Aptos Creations, we interacted with and received feedback from over 100 business owners with diverse selling criteria, giving us the opportunity to build a solution that provides more than just a basic setup.

Our solution allows you to begin selling immediately without experiencing any limitations and feeling the need to design additional features.

How long does it take before I can start selling?

Deployment takes about 30 working days after consultation period and submission of site content and products required to populate the site.

How long is the consultation period?

Depending on availability, we require at least 3 sessions of consultation, 1 session is equivalent to 1 working day.

1st Session
Understand the nature of your business and outline the scope of work and information required.

2nd Session
Confirm the placement of content for the online store.

3rd Session
Collation and briefing of products for population.

Is there post-sales support after platform deployment?

Yes. We are here with you every step of the way. Which is why we charge a minimal subscription fee to minimise glitches and update platform upgrades.

Will there be platform training support?

Yes we have an online resource link located in your admin dashboard as well as a 1-day online training to guide you and your team.

When I onboard vendors onto my platform, who will guide them/assist them?

Should your vendors need product population assistance, we charge a $100 fee per 20 products.

Additionally, on every vendor’s dashboard, there is also a self explanatory user guide to assist them.

Should the vendor still require more assistance, they can send in a ticket and we will assist them via email, phone call or zoom call.

About Customised Solution

What are customised solutions?

Customised solutions are projects that require a longer duration and larger scale that do not fall under our quick design solution category. These projects usually require a face to face physical or virtual meeting.
Examples of Customised Solutions
* building of brand guides
* creating and organising of virtual events
* creation of pop up events
* customised corporate gift boxes for clients/media
* packaging designs

What is the price range for such projects?

We would need to quote you accordingly as each project has variable requirements.

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