The VSOP and Cognac XO were two Layton products that required positioning. We were given the task of creating two separate positioning that complimented each other because they were both located under the same roof. Storyboarding for the brand videos, brand book, posters and advertising, digital imaging and design of their major visual assets, as well as product introduction booklets, were all part of the scope of work.

Layton VSOP's versatility makes it ideal for individuals with a passion for life and an enthusiasm for what tomorrow brings. It's about searching for an intense sensory experience with friends as well as enjoying the vibrant moments that define you. A uniquely balanced complexity that bestows flavours of oak, dried fruit and toffee. Best enjoyed neat, on the rocks or in cocktails. It's the thrill of experiencing endlessly vibrant sensory experiences.

Layton XO's maturity perfectly complements the elegant pursuits, lifestyle and achievements of the distinguished gentleman. Be it meeting of minds, prestigious premiere or get together, it's about savouring life moments with a passion for the finest. A resoundingly distinct complexity that bestows flavours of tobacco, dried fruit and fruitcake. Best enjoyed as a digestif after a satisfying meal. It's a reflection of the joy of living and the finer moments in life.


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